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 -ATOCHA 1622  4-29-16 The Atocha 1622 Spanish Galleon Discovery and Ken Miller

In 1985, well known adventurer and treasure seeker Mel Fisher discovered the wreckage of an early 17th century Spanish Galleon, the Atocha. Loaded with gold, silver and jewels, the ship had sunk after hitting a reef, 20 miles off the the Florida Keys during a disastrous hurricane in 1622.  Its location eluded treasure hunters for many years, well before the Fisher expedition began its determined search. Mel searched for the wreck for over 16 year. Each day he told himself: “Today’s the Day.” Finally, his perseverance paid off, when in July of 1985, he hit the mother lode. The Atocha and her  $450 million cache was discovered.

While this was all well and fine for Mr. Fisher, what could this unimaginable discovery have to do with Ken Miller back in Estero Florida? As a gifted jewelry designer and a man of vision, Kenny saw an opportunity to bring the beauty and the romance of this ancient treasure to the host of people who were captivated by the the discovery.

After years of legal wrangling to assert his claim to the treasure,Mel Fisher eventually went about selling many of the artifacts and coins. The artifacts were valued quite high because of their historical value, the value of the precious metals and the artistic value of the actual pieces. each piece brought a hefty price, above the reach of most people. The average person couldn’t really afford to share in excitement of the discovery.

To solve that issue, Ken actually purchased a number of choice treasure pieces and coins from Mel Fisher and then, with painstaking effort, put his skills as a master jeweler to work by creating authentic copies of the artifacts from silver bars that were part of the Atocha treasure. Those silver bars were part of the thousands found in the hold of the wrecked Atocha. The end result was a collection of duplicate artifacts that were now being made available to the world at affordable prices. Anyone with only a modest budget was, and still is able to share in the magic of Mel Fisher’s extraordinary discovery by way of Ken Miller’s outstanding website,

Each coin is an exact copy of a newly discovered Spanish coin. The coins are molded from certified bars of pure Atocha silver, faithfully duplicated by Ken Miller. Many additional Atocha artifacts have also been duplicated and are now available on the his website.

Be prepared to cast your eyes on the intricately designed gold and silver bezels created by Ken to house the duplicate Spanish reales of various denominations and shapes. The crucifixes, the skulls, divers, turtle done so beautifully that they present each treasured piece perfectly.  Incredible earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets  and other highly unusual artifacts all were created follow Ken’s exacting process.

This is a magnificent treasure collection that represents the best of the jewelers art. Amazingly, every distinctive coin and artifact is priced so that every item in the Atocha 1622 collection is within the reach of the masses. Atocha 1622 duplicate artifacts and coins are the perfect choice for incredible gifts that will bring joy and great memories to the recipients for a lifetime.

Take advantage of the rich history of the region. Beware of counterfeits. Demand authentic remembrances crafted from silver certified to be from the Atocha 1622 discovery. Share your concerns and deal directly with Ken at his website in Florida.

 Atocha Discovery and Ken MIller



 BY Kenny Miller


If you are looking for a gift source that is sure to bring pleasure to those special people on your list, the collection of treasures made from the recovered treasures of a storied Spanish galleon, might be exactly what you have been looking for. Much of the appeal of this collection lies in its history. In 1622, a Spanish ship bound for Spain sunk off the Florida keys during a massive hurricane that struck the area. The ship was laden with tons of silver ingots, gold and other precious cargo made up of assorted jewelry and other valuable artifacts. It was discovered by  Mel Fisher in 1985 after a 16 year search.

Enter Ken Miller a jeweler of some renown from Estero FL. Ken was able to duplicate many of the Spanish coins and other items and set them in intricate hand made silver and gold bezels which added even more beauty and value to the pieces.  That collection of historically correct artifacts was offered for sale to the masses at prices that were and are within reach of most. Many of these spectacular historical duplicates are perfect gifts for those in your circle who appreciate items of this nature. They are the type of gift  that will be treasured for a lifetime, then passed on to succeeding generations.

For those discerning shoppers who insist on unique and unusual  items of sentimental or historical significance, the collection of artifacts masterfully reproduced by noted jeweler Ken Miller will always hold a special place in the hearts of recipients.

The many Atocha 1622 treasure reproductions faithfully recreated by Ken, present gift buyers with unique opportunities to select historic items from among the vast collection of detailed copies of the recently discovered treasure from the Spanish Galleon, Atocha, which sunk off the Florida Keys in 1622. This is an excellent way to show your love or express your gratitude to those important and dear to you.

This incredible collection of ancient coins, jewelry, including pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings and trinkets reproduced by noted artist, master jeweler and fashion designer Ken Miller are beyond anyone’s expectations. Every detail is exact and made of castings from the original treasure discovery.

These magnificent artifacts are framed in hand crafted silver or gold  bezels that have been elaborately and painstakingly crafted with mythical sea or religious art. These objects are now available on Ken Miller’s website

While a number of the actual  artifacts recovered have been placed on the market by Mel Fisher, the noted discoverer of the treasure, the prices are beyond the reach of most people. When compared to prices for the original treasures, the Atocha 1622 reproductions are within the grasp of virtually everyone with an interest in that exciting period of the Spanish conquistadors.  They are a lasting gift that will draw notice and raves from admiring friend and acquaintances.

These objects of beauty will hold value forever. They will be worthy of passage to future generations. Each piece of the collection comes with a certificate of authenticity which vouches for the origination of the design and the precious metal used. The Spanish Reals are available in varying denominations and the famous pieces of eight coins along with the many unique ornamental pieces are direct copies of the originals, all made from actual silver ingots from the Atocha, and so certified.

You will be proud to give these replicas of ancient times as a gift to special people for special events. They are shipped in elegant gift boxes worthy of the contents.

Think of Ken Miller’s amazing cache of artifacts from the 1622 wreck of the legendary Atocha when a gift giving occasion approaches. Find the collection on line at  See the largest collection of Atocha 1622 replica on the Internet. You will wish you had discovered him sooner.

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